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Tales of The Weird: Animal Love
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Friday the 13th in Picayune, Ms
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Beer Goggles
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Featured Movies

* NEW * Lazer Gay

Chris discovers an amazing power in his finger.

Shock Therapy

Daryn makes a "shocking" discovery when Chris tries to play video games.

Poop Dreams 2

Mark wakes up to find a man sleeping in his bed. Hilarity ensues.

Poop Dreams 3

Where Poop Dreams 2 left off. 'Nuff said.

The Passion of The Phil

Phil tries to kill Quappy, and gets his comeuppance.

* NEW * The Adventures of Sammy

A "silent gem" that is roughly based around "Racial Harmony and you".

Racial Harmony & You

Shot like an old dated educational film or slide show you saw in elementary school with a twist. It is a story about love, hate, and a dry leaf.

Sweet Sunday Funk

Another fun little "romp" in Rusty's basement that makes no sense as usual. Also, it is Daryn's musical composing debut.

Tea For One

Mark likes Lipton. Rusty likes Snapple. Mark hates Snapple. Mark hates Rusty.

The Email Incident

Teddy and the tub girl. Yeah. Viewer discretion advised. N.S.F.W.!!

What is Quappy?
Quappy is a cotton swab character created by Rusty back in 1996 in the days when He worked as a movie theatre projectionist. One of the things a projectionist has to do is clean certain points of the projector heads with cotton swabs. One day as a joke, Rusty drew a "how to" cartoon about the steps one takes while cleaning the projectors. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Rusty's fellow co-workers enjoyed Quappy so much that He drew a Quappy cartoon with him getting into various adventures on the dry-erase board every week. For whatever movie was out at the time, Quappy would appear, and the title and characters were replaced with cotton swabs. Hence Quappy was born.


About The Director:

Rusty is a writer, filmmaker, and auteur of the "gonzo" arts. He has been making movies since 1990, and unfortunately hasn't stopped since. Originally a New Orleans native, he currently resides somewhere in Ohio.

From time to time, Rusty will get together with his pals and make silly little "films" about the most obscure subject matter. From fecal matter and iced tea dream sequences, to stuffed rabbits and gophers making love and/or killing people, to Lord knows what. Why you ask? Because Rusty is weird. If people look at these films and go, "What the hell was that!?!?!", then Rusty's job is done.

Rusty is a big fan of the low-budget movie scene. The people he looks up to the most are guys like Ed Wood, William Castle, and Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame. Rusty's arsenals of movies are generally "Shot from the hip", that means there is no script involved. It's all about the fun of making some crap, having good times with friends, and then having fun with it in post production.

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